SORAS Vie Ltd launched new products

The products that have been launched are worker’s group life Insurance and Funeral Insurance Plan. It was also an opportunity to inform the public that it is now possible to monitor the customer’s statements online without passing to SORAS Vie Ltd headquarters or its branches across the country.

The C.E.O of SORAS Vie Ltd, Mr. HODARI Jean Chrysostom during the launch stated that every product has its own worth that should be profitable to every Rwandan. He said that the worker’s group life Insurance packs up many solutions to different matters that workers may face. Those problems can be the death, disability, Work suspension caused by the accident or severe illness.

Mr. Hodari said that this kind of insurance before was suitable to the private sector workers but actually it is designed to be benefited also by public workers. For this type of insurance, employees of the same institution should be at least 60% of all employees and employee contribution of 5% has to be withdrawn from his salary.

The other product that was launched is Funeral insurance plan. Mr. David MHORANYI, commercial Director of SORAS Vie Ltd said that apart from covering the funeral expenses, SORAS Life Ltd also covers the cost of funeral services; it provides 200,000 Frw per month for six months to help the family of the deceased and the deceased remembrance event expenses for 2 years.

As explained by Charles Rugema, the IT manager in SORAS Life Ltd, the online service is now available to customers. With the ID number (complete with 16 digits) and the policy number, the website of SORAS Vie Ltd gives the possibility to the customer to get his statement.

SORAS Vie Ltd provides different insurance products such as Education Insurance Plan, Safe Family Life Insurance, Worker’s group life insurance, Retirement plan, Credit life insurance and Funeral insurance plan.

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